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Discover more about me, my journey, and what led me to be a Canine Myotherapist. Please see below for more information about why I do what I do, and why I love what I do.
Galen Therapy Centre
Enriching The Life Of Dogs
Galen Therapy Centre was established in 2002. It specialises in treating dogs with chronic muscular pain; enabling enhanced mobility and health. It also has been in the forefront of interpreting how behaviour and muscle pain manifest in our dogs.

Galen is also one of the most well-established training organisations, providing externally accredited courses, workshops and CPD’s for all level of canine professional.
The first day I attened a workshop with Julia Robertson I knew I wanted to be a Galen Canine Myotherapist. It took me two years in total and was the hardest yet most rewarding training course I have ever done – I also have a business degree!

Galen’s standards are so high which means once you receive your diploma you are more than equipped to go out into the field and work.
Galen Myotherapy is a unique and highly specialised manual and exercise management therapy in dogs. It uses appropriate, effective and targeted massage techniques and exercise to manage chronic muscular pain, reduce inflammation and to maximise muscle function. As written about in the ‘World Small Veterinary Association – Journal of Small Animal Practice. Vol 55 , June 2014.’

Galen Myotherapy is an authentic approach, using unique knowledge that has been developed by Galen’s founder Julia Robertson through her treatment of over 8,000 dogs since 2002. She was one of the first, if not the first known dedicated canine practitioners of this type in the UK.
The therapy was first conceived when Julia’s own Labrador puppy, Huffo, who aged 6 months, was recommended to be put to sleep because he was suffering from an inability to lift his head from the ground. This proved to be a relatively simple muscular problem and through Julia adapting exercises she was able to improve this condition and he lived happily until he was 17 years old!

This started Julia’s ‘nightmares’ as she realised that many dogs were being put to sleep due to a painful, but manageable, muscle problem. Huffo and his neck were the foundations of Galen Myotherapy.
Julia has learned through the years of dedicated specialised experience, that trends and patterns of behaviour and physical changes occur in a dog when they are suffering with muscular pain. Based on this and her clear understanding of animals, the therapy has developed to where it is today, incorporating the unique approach to the dog and handler.

Galen Myotherapy has in part derived from massage as has physiotherapy; the difference is that physiotherapy is a specialist treatment for acute post-operative conditions whereas Galen Myotherapy is more intended for the chronic cases.
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"My dog is 10 and is healthy and well but I want to do the best I can for her. I booked a couple of hours of Vickie's time to learn some basic Galen techniques for my dog. Not only is Vickie a great teacher, but a lovely, genuine person too. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the techniques and I know my dog will enjoy receiving them!"